[FOR HIRE] Voice artist, making voiced lines for your game

hello! i’m @Starhanger_killer. i’ve Always wanted to help others with creating games! so here i am! if you need Voiced Lines then you’re on the right adress here.

Where do i come from
first to understand how i will submit the voiced lines to you you gotta know that there is a Time Difference i live in The Netherlands, if you live in New york then when its 12:00PM for me it’s 6:00AM for you!

30 seconds Voiced line = 100R$
1 Minute voiced line = 500R$
10 minutes voiced line = 1,000R$

Contact Options

  • StarhangerOfficial#4527 = Discord
  • @RealStarhanger, @SrtaStarhanger, @StarhangerNL = Twitter
  • @Starhanger_killer = ROBLOX

thanks for reading!
kind regards Starhanger_killer


I noticed you haven’t listed any examples of your work, as well as a few errors in your writing. If you don’t have any, I understand, but how are you going to attract people with your work? Can you at least upload a demo reel of your voice acting? If you do have some, can you please upload them? Doing so will attract potential customers. As for the writing errors, I can help you with that. I’ll DM you to continue from there.

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Sorry. I don’t have any demo’s “yet”

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A portfolio is a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person’s ability to a potential employer.

So why did you make a portfolio with no examples?

Also, this is in the wrong category. It needs to be in #collaboration:portfolios but you still need examples of your work first.


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