[For my friends Urist] Backpack corescript bug

Here’s the place. Urist how many bugs have I found here so far? Gosh my place needs help. Anyways the bug occurs when you insert a weapon to the player’s backpack and it’s closed due to zero children so it becomes minimized. When you clone a new tool into backpack and try inserting a weapon weapon from the extra weapons bar ("~") it won’t let you equip it to a hotkey. It should work like before where it would put it as your first open hotkey. [sarcasm] I must get something because of my game always encountering bugs. [/sarcasam] :stuck_out_tongue:

The sarcasm tag has to do something with the text, like make it rainbow colors or something. That way everyone will KNOW it’s sarcasm, and we don’t be distracted by the unparsed tag. :stuck_out_tongue: