For The Record ⋅ Information


For The Record is a Roblox group that is dedicated to uploading music to the Roblox Marketplace / Library. Through simple donations, we are able to provide a variety of music to you and the rest of the Roblox community.


Unlike other music upload groups, our comissions for audio come from shirts that are labeled for a specific genres, artists, or music labels. As well to that, we also try to upload high quality audio, instead of slapping anything we find to the marketplace.

You can donate to our group through the groups store. You’ll find music labels, artists, and genres we would like to upload music for.


We do not take commissions. However, suggestions for what to upload is appreciated. We will consider what’s being given to us, and make adjustments to priortize uploads.


Our group store is here.

Our music uploads can be found here, as well on discord. You’ll need to be logged in on Roblox to view this site.