'Forcing' a player to chat

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if you could help me. I’m wondering how I can ‘Force’ a player to chat but only in their chatbubble. When I say force, they push a button and it posts text for them (I need it so when they push it, rights to your arrest are shown etc)

Any help is appreciated, I don’t have much of an idea.

An easy way to do this is grab a reference to the player’s Character, and use the Chat:Chat function to put a message above their head, but it won’t be sent into the actual chat system. To make it look like a proper chat message, make sure to use the Enum.ChatColor.White enum for the chatColor parameter.


Also, make sure to use FilterStringAsync if the player can input text in it, very important.


Yes, if I do it in future I will however it’s a preset message so it’ll be fine.