Forest Build Feedback

Hey guys! I’ve been inactive on the forum and took a break from developing, but I’m back! I’ve come back with a new build, a “Forest” build. It’s not exactly a forest, but I don’t know what else to call it. Here it is!

I’m pretty proud of this. Probably my best build so far.

Time taken: About 3 hours

Also, if you want to donate, you can in the link below.

Game link:

Hope you like it!


Is it possible to add a texture to the wall?

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I don’t know what texture I would add there

What is it about in this game?

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It’s a showcase

Or if your talking about the wall, then it’s just a border.

I like the style on how it looks but here’s what I think could change, first I think the lighting is way too yellow, of course if your going in that style its fine to keep but I think its wall too yellow, secondly the walls kind of interrupt the experience as they don’t add more to the game and feel more like walls, maybe add some wild life on top of these walls. Thirdly the grass should be rotated ever each time you paste it, just so it isn’t in the same line and it feels more natural.

Otherwise the build is pretty good.

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Looks good overall! Maybe you can add a few extra details, for example: Rocks, Bushes and Flowers.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to make some changes.


Note: I will respond to the rest of the replies tomorrow.

If this is some pixel style then it seems alrighy, besides that you should use textures or possible meshes.

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i really love the look you went for! maybe you can put groups of grass at different places instead of putting it all over the map. also, you can change the size of some of the grass and rotate them to make each one of them unique. overall, i love it!

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The build is very simple but very good.

You might wanna fix some gaps as seen here.

image image

But overall, It looks good as I said earlier.

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Yeah i’m going for more of a cartoonish style

Thanks for the positive words! I will look into changing the grass, thanks for the feedback!

It’s good, and it looks very cartoony. The only thing I would change is that the lighting is a bit to bright for me.

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It looks good to me, I really like the colors you used in it. The only thing I would do is change up the lighting a bit, it’s kind of bright.

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I feel like this forest build is more of a “beginner” build; great start!

If you need some suggestions, here is what you should think:

  • Add in realistic grass texture to make the floor non-cartoony.
  • The walls doesn’t really fit in with the build, probably remove it?
  • The lighting of the build is way too bright…
  • Add in details, just like @fabenderman mentioned in his post.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll make changes when I feel like it lol

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It looks like the type of forest put in a simulator game. But it actually looks good. Keep going!

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I think the forest looks nice and cartoony. I would suggest adding textures and adding some things in the empty parts like the bridge, border, and water.

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