Forming of The Aqua Empire

Dear Readers,
I am proud to announce that we will be opening a new military for Roblox. This is going to be a lot of Robux for the groups and all, but I will pull this off!

Update 1:
The forming of the Aqua Empire will take place mid-July once everything is setup. Laws and lores will be posted on dev forum at their own time. But for now, I would like to describe what we envision that TAE will be:

TAE will be a Roleplay Military on Roblox just like other clans like TNI and TGI, but with our own unique ways. TAE will be a military simulator, meaning a lot of raids on other clans and joint raids. Here is how our rank system will go:

  • The Aqua Emperor
  • Vice Emperor
  • Cheif In Command
  • Operations Manager
  • Commander
  • Chief Sergeant
  • Chief Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Officer
  • Major Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Private
  • Enlist
  • Recruit

There will be a division called: The Aqua Guards, which will be the royal guards of the Aqua Emperor and Vice Emperor. The ranks of that will consist.

  • The Aqua Emperor
  • Vice Emperor
  • Guard Commander
  • Captain
  • Guard Lieutenant
  • Guard Sergeant
  • Guard Corporal
  • Guard Conscript

The Aqua Guards will be under an Oath Of Silence and will commit their duties without disruptions. They have their rights to attack anybody who they dont feel comfortable with in their presence. Any non-divisonal users have no right to self defend from The Aqua Guards, it is counted as treason.