"Forum Announcements" Category

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep up with roblox developer-forum updates

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because currently the only way to be informed about forum updates is through reading every post from #forum-feedback:forum-features

This would also improve the transparency from roblox, because for the “new post approval” that should get released already over half a year had from roblox side no updates, because logically there is not even a category for that, and generally forum changes could be located in that category.

Members could also give feedback to these updates because there is not really a good way to give feedback about forum features.

The category would be similar to the #updates:announcements category.


I feel like #updates already work for this kind of stuff. Sounds a little bit unnecessary.

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There is just the #updates:community category, this category has forum changes (only some forum changes) and other community things mixed. It would make it easier if updates would be in a new category than some updates in a category that is mixed with other stuff.

It would also maybe reduce off topic posts when there are generally more updates about the forum.

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I feel like that would be a good idea, and alot of people would use it and would like it.

Devforum staff can likely already use the #forum-feedback supercategory to announce updates, I don’t think this is needed because they don’t really frequently announce updates for the forum.

This would be kind of useful but forum updates arent that important usually if its big we are notified somehow.

The part that makes me agree with this is some kind of status update category or something. Not that i care but alot of people here seem to do about the regular promotions and when they are coming back. The only update we last heard about it was when it was closed in September.

No information by the engagement team / relations has been provided yet as to when we might expect to see this return.

Also it would be nice if we had more input as to how the forum is moderated and better ways of improving the sustainability of the forums and not becoming the next roblox forums that were shutdown due to toxicity.