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Hey! I’m aware of the topic How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum but wondering what are the actual requirements for the regular rank. What I mean is what do you need how many posts read etc.
I know there has to be requirements because for the members trust level there are requirements that I found out you need 1.5k etc and things if anybody finds this out please reply.

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Activity will do nothing to get you that rank, you have to make good posts in #platform-feedback to achieve Regular. A few posts should get you to it I believe or you may need several or more.

It doesn’t make sense for some reasons here is a picture on it

Funny thing is, it’s actually true.

“New Member” is not a rank anymore. That now reflects the “Member” rank which you already have. It has no correlation to achieving Regular.

I’m aware that’s how I got my current member rank regardless the name but is it correct for all other ranks there are no actual requirements just activity? Cause the how to rank up topic stated that it only needs activity which didn’t really happen I just had to do a couple things like read a certain amount of comments topics and more.

Activity is somewhat needed for ranks higher than Regular but you need much more than just activity. In general, Regular is attained by Platform Feedback posts as I previously said.


Ok, thanks for your assistance.

It’s very easy to prove these “requirements” are false:

This is a profile of a friend of a friend, and he’s a member. @hoowad Both ranks have definite requirements, but Regulars can also be manually promoted and neither have public requirements.

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Thanks also very helpful I guess it is about activity.

We prefer not to release the exact statistics to prevent people from gaming the system. For Regular, you must be actively using the forum and must go through post approvals as well. That being said, if you aren’t an active forum user then you don’t need Regular.

Member already grants access to the majority of things you’ll need to use this forum. Regular is just an elevated trust level basically translating to “we trust you enough not to cause chaos, so we’re giving you a few extra things”. Such things are not requiring post approval and ability to create discussion topics, to name two of a few grants Regulars have.


Thanks, should I remove my post just too prevent chaos?

No because you can’t delete your own topics in the first place, but I do encourage you to use the search bar in the future. We’ve had enough posts in the Forum Feedback category asking how to reach the Regular rank before. You should always search first to see if your question’s been answered before.

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When you say you must be an active forum user to get Regular, does that mean you should be creating topics and replies? I’m frequently reading posts on the forum, but I hardly ever reply. I feel like that should mean I’m an “active member” but I also understand how it’d be possible to label behavior like mine as “inactive”.

Sorry for the nit-picky question but I see this thrown around a lot and I wanted clarification.

Just reading topics doesn’t contribute to the forum. Helping out in support topics and making tutorials/resources are contributions. But using post approval is the most important part.

By an active forum user, I’m referring to the use of the post approval process and being contributive or helpful in discussions and support topics. Passive activity like just viewing or posting for the sake of posting do not contribute to your eligibility for Regular. This is outlined in the thread on achieving new levels on the DevForum as linked in the OP very clearly.


Please make sure to search the forums before making topics, as this topic has already been asked before.