Forward Rendering Decals/Decal Projecting

I’ve been debating making this post for a few weeks now, and I’ve searched the forums and have yet to see a request for this feature despite all the opportunities within development it could create. Let me just follow the category format real quick so this actually qualifies…

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to properly render decals and textures easily on a non-flat plane surface. In support of forward rendering decals developers will be able to expand their creativity in the terms of easily applicable pictures.

To clarify, forward rendering decals conform to the space/surfaces it is given and is projected onto any surface.

The feature in question…

Maybe this feature could be introduced in real-time capabilities as well?


Reference Article

Reference Video

If this issue is addressed, this would improve my development experience as it would allow myself and my fellow developers have an easier way to apply decals not on only flat plane surfaces, but on basically any form of surface(s) possible. The addition is seemingly simple, yet would add so many brand new possibilities to the platform.


Sounds like SurfaceProjection object, though this thread is titled better.