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About Me

Ello! I am an intermediate GFX artist (If you think otherwise, thats ok!) I’ve been making GFX’s for a little over a year now. This is my fist time posting here on devforum. I am a friendly guy, and will feel free to negotiate prices! if you want you can DM my Twitter or Discord @FoshizledREAL, and Foshizled#6712.


I use Blender for rendering then Photoshop for effects. I’ve worked with plenty of people in the past, and I don’t keep the prices too high. If you do choose to purchase something from me, I will need any maps, characters, items etc. for the commission. I will take 1-3 days depending on weather I have work or not.

My work


Profile Pictures




Thumbnails 750 robux
Profile Pictures 100 robux
Icons 150 robux
Twitter Headers / YT banners 500 robux


Prices are negotiable, but I will need payment before.


You can contact me on Discord Foshizled#6712 or via Twitter at: !


That’s some nice work there! Personally love them all! Keep up with the amazing content! :heart_eyes: :coefficients:


Thank you so much! I love hearing support from the community.

I highly suggest you add more examples. Nice GFX anyways!

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I will, and thank you! (30 characters)

A lot of awesome work there! Keep it up.

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