FOV feels weird and off

Alright so for the past month I’ve been working on a long term project. Every time I play test, both in-studio and from the website, the FOV feels weird and zoomed in even though it says its at 70. Not sure if its because I’m tired or what but it just feels really weird. Was wondering if anyone else gets this.

It might be because if you’ve played fighting games, or games with alot of camera movement (and usually high FOV) you’re more used to that.

I get this too, Because i tend to play a game called “Nico’s nextbots” quite a lot, And usually with FOV at the highest setting.
Maybe in your game you could add an FOV slider, So players (and you) can pick the FOV you are comfortable with.

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Ah yeah that explains it since I play a lot of fps. The FOV slider thing sounds great aswell, thanks!


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