Foxtrot Incorporated Information

We are here to open your roads in the future” - Foxtrot Incorporated

Group information

Group ranks

  • [M] - Member (permissions to employee only areas)

  • [TM] - Trusted member (early access to game updates and VIP only locations)

  • [MOD] - Moderator (moderator rank in game and administration access)

  • [A] - Administrator (higher rank and more permissions)

  • [HA] - Head administrator (full access to admin commands and ability to manage moderators)

  • [DEV] - Developer

  • [GH] - Group holder

Group experiences

Current running experience in group is Foxtrot Research Centre (temporary closed for updates)

The current version of this game is 0.7 | Reactor update

Game rules

  • Follow Roblox ToS all times

  • Do not use exploits in game such as third-party programs.

  • Be respectful to others. Do not swear and spam in chat.

  • Users trying to bypass Roblox filter will be banned and reported to Roblox.

  • Users with user or display names that is meant to bypass Roblox ToS will be banned from game and reported to Roblox

  • Users with inappropriate clothing will be banned from game and reported.

  • Be respectful to administration. Disrespectful players will be muted or banned from game.

  • Do not copy or steal content from us. This will result permanent ban and report to DMCA.

  • No one cannot create content with our name without permission.

  • Do not raid our experiences.

  • Do not advertise your content in our experiences.

  • Do not say someone’s real information without permission from that user.


Player Punishments
Moderators must warn you 3 times (no matter how) before giving punishments below

  • Chat mute (you no longer can talk in current server)

  • Server kick (this is first and last warning before account suspension)

  • Game ban (your account suspended, you no longer can play unless it expires)

  • Permanent game ban (your account permanently suspended, you’re given a chance to appeal it unless you’re blacklisted)

Group blacklist
Given after severe violation

If you got kicked with message “You’re in blacklisted group” that doesn’t mean you’re banned, it means you can’t play as member of that group.

Most common reasons for group blacklist:

  • Disrespect to us or ally’s

  • Stolen assets

  • Large amount of exploiters

  • Bad backhistory


You can appeal in offical Discord server.


  • 13 years old or above

  • Has a video or photo proof

  • Begging without enough information will result blacklist.

Thank you for reading rules.

All assets are copyrighed©

  • Foxtrot Incorporated
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