FPS Camera not in the center of the Head?

Hello! I have realized that the camera while in first person is not in the center of the head!

I want to fix this so I did some research on the developer hub and found this property of player:


I set this property to 0 and it did nothing. How do I make the camera be at the center of the head while in first person?

I have looked at this post but it didn’t help me.
Why is the camera .5 studs away from the center of the head?

You can always set the Camera Type to Scriptable and constantly update the CFrame of the camera/

That wont work because I want to maintain the default camera movement.

You could possibly use Humanoid.CameraOffset, to offset the the camera in a tad bit more than the minimum MinCameraZoomDistance of 0.5.

If you bring the camera inwards by half the size of the head, it should be directly on the front of the face.

You could also try lowering the FieldOfView of the CurrentCamera.