Fps game devlog number 1

i dont know the correct flair for devlogs but heres my first one

i have already completed some important stuff with the help of tutorials such as the weapons, viewmodels and main menu

heres a video of what ive done so far
what should i add to the game and could i have an idea on how to script it since im not the best at scripting

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The first thing I would suggest is probably different sounds for the different guns. Also the hip fire accuracy of the guns looked very high (no clue if you’ve added any type of ads yet)

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of course yeah ill add different sounds, also what do u mean by hipfire acvuracy and ads? im not really good for that type of stuff

Well so basically hipfiring is when you’re not aimed in or looking through a scope. Realistically when you hip fire the accuracy of the shot should be a lot lower. ADS is aiming in

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okay thanks ill try to chabge that and implement ads