FPS Gun Animator Needed [Viewmodel]


I am going to make this post short and sweet since I just need to get this point across.

I recently asked for a gun modeler and have received one, now I need an animator.

All the gun models you will be animating are finished and fully textured, along with a proper viewmodel.

The Job

I need a gun animator willing to make shooting, reload, inspect, full reload, animations.
I have 1 knife, and around 6 guns for you to animate.

The Payment

I will pay in USD only, as I don’t like paying in robux.
I would go for paypal as the first option, but I can do stuff like cash app.

I am willing to pay anywhere from 100 - 250 USD, the price is able to be changed.

The Contact

Don’t message me on dev forum! I barely check my messages. Discord is my most active chat base and the easiest way to communicate with me.


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