FPS Project, searching for a mapper, animator and clothing designer

About Us


I’m Kacperovsky00, currently developing a game called Deadline, along with 2 other people in a group named RECOIL studios.

@Running shibe#4208 / Kacperovsky00 - Scripting
@ScrubLord21#1301 / Armeraivis - Models
@Rubber Duck Shobe#2086 / XXX - server management

Link to group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5031043/RECOIL-Studio

About The Job

We need someone who can:

-make maps;
Payment: Not more than 5k R$ per map.
Needs to be active;
Needs to make FPS compatible maps in various sizes and with a decent level of detail;
preferably live in Europe because time zones and is ready for a long term job.
-animate a rigged weapon;
Payment: around 500R$ Robux per gun animation set;
Needs to make animations like reload, equip, fire;
we already have a rigged viewmodel
-make a military uniform using our given military pattern.
Payment: Shouldn’t be " too much. "
Equipment is already modelled, meaning you
will only need to create plaid shirt and pants.


@Running shibe#4208, @ScrubLord21#1301


Thanks for reading!


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