Frúitify | Interviewer Guide

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Established 2020

Interview Introduction (Copy & Paste)

Hello! My name is (name), and I will be your interviewer for today’s interview session here at Frúitify. Do you have any questions or concerns before we commence?

Excellent! We will now begin; I will go over a few tips quickly that will be useful for your success.

[I] You are required to utilize grammar at all times, failure to do so will result into you failing this session.

[II] You will be timed approximately up-to a minute for each response, so ensure you don’t lose track of time- save your time by not writing any excess details not necessary.

[III] Show effort and dedication into your responses, use more than III+ sentences which will help you succeed the interview.

[IV] Copying and pasting pre-written answers is forbidden, as a result it will lead to a failure of this session.

That’s all you need to know, we will now begin!

Interview Questions (Copy & Paste)

[I] How would you greet a customer if they came up your register?
[II] What are some unique characteristics you possess?
[III] Why are you interested in pursuing a career at Frúitify? (III+ sentences)
[IV] Please correct this sentence: “i cme 2 dis interview so i cen wrk at frúitify”
[V] What are some goals do you plan to accomplish whilist working at Frúitify?

Interviewer Passing Tips

[1] Judge responses based on these factors: response time, grammar usage, and the relevance of the answer.

[2] People can correct themselves if they make a grammar/spelling mistake and not be penalized for it. If they don’t correct themselves, then they are penalized. You will want to fail them after three unchanged errors.

[3] Look for a more elaborate vocabulary as well as concise and coherent sentences.

[4] If you suspect an answer has been copied and pasted, you must confirm this by looking at their copy and paste logs. Open ‘chatlogs’ and see if there is a gap at the end.

Interview Results (Copy & Paste)


Congratulations! You have successfully passed this interview, please follow me to get ranked.


Unfortunately, you have failed this interview session due to (reason).