Frailty, 5 months later. [FEEDBACK ON SHOWCASE!]



Looking for in-depth feedback 5 months later on a game I've barely updated, I've been looking to head back to that sweet development now that winter break approaches, and because of this I'd like a booming start to get things up and running. ALSO! Free cam is available and is meant to be able to go into hidden/blocked off areas, its just so users can take any types of screenshots they want :D

Known Issues/Things to do:

  • Improve GUIs (Colour GUI, Elevator GUI)
  • Add more shop items
  • Improve elevator area (need ideas for this one!)
  • Finish apartments (priority haha)
  • Improve sounds and immersion

Go ham! Make me rethink my game completely haha, I love all feedback and criticism.


I like the way its going but there are some things I would personally change.

The alley way is kind of boring every building is made of the same colored bricks. You should change that up a bit.

The antlers on this character don’t move with the head

are the floating buildings here on purpose? or are they work in progress

Inside of the train station or whatever you would call that looks great

My final complaint is WHY IS THE FONT IN COMIC SANS!!1!!11!

Other than small clipping around the map I think is looks great. You really nailed the ambiance.


Thank you! I’ll look into these things :smiley: