Frame always slides down, and i don't know why

Hello developers, I tried to adjust this shop so that it is exactly in the middle of the screen (without script) but it always slides down. Does anyone know what is wrong? (Please let me know if I have saved it in the wrong category)

A picture:

The topbar is shifting your gui 58px down. To counter that, you can set your ScreenGui’s IgnoreGuiInset to true.

Alternatively, if you are not fond of shifting all your elements up, you can create a new ScreenGui for your fullscreen guis (like the image provided) and set that IgnoreGuiInset to true, or manually set the size offset and position offset by the TopbarInset via LocalScript.


ON my mobile IT Looks Like so:

Is there a way to make the frame the same size on every device (so everything IS the Same size, that it’s not small and in the middle on the PC and big and shifted to the side on the phone)

As long as you are using the Scaled property for your UI, it will automatically position and/or scale for you. As for mobile, change the ScreenInsets (ScreenInsets | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub) to None to ignore the safe area of the mobile device.

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There are so many posts about this exact topic already.
Please use the term “position GUI on different devices” and you’ll get your answer.

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