Free Cathedral-Like Map and Futuristic like-map

Giving an open-sourced map for you guys which I’ve made.

I have no use for them but I want to open-source them for you all to use for whatever you want.

Here’s some pictures:

- Cathedral-Like Map


- Starwars-like-map

Here is the Resource Links:

I hope these can be put into great use.


These maps are too good to be free. Many people would sell them for a lot.



Thank you for this. Time to steal some building techniques. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much for the resources! This could potentially be at great use for someone who is looking forward to learn building like me. :Đ

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Hey is there any way you could possibly help me with a project. I am making a horror/survival game and we need a government labratory for a few cutscenes. And yes we could find a way to pay you. We would use the futuristic map but for a game we want a lot of work to go into we dont want to have the same map as 30 other games.

Omg, these are so good, why are they free, honestly. The Cathedral one reminds me of the Dathomir temple from Jedi Fallen Order and the Star Wars one reminds me of just that, Star Wars. Both maps remind me of things from big pay to play games. Hats off to you.

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Haha. I love to look at other peoples builds and learn from how they create stuff.

Yeah! Looking at what shapes people used to create their builds is amazing.


Thank you so much omg. That means a-lot but I’m glad they are considered to look good enough to be a big pay to play game


Open sourcing maps like these… You should have done it under a license :grimacing:

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I mean I don’t really care as long as people learn from what I’ve made : 0


Time to learn how to build like a pro. (AKA learning to not be me).

So far I have learned:

  • meshparts are builder gold.
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So amazing! I’ll be sure to study these wonderful maps to try and make wonderful pieces of art like this in the future!

this is like the best build ever.
normally it would be sold for like 12k or smth!
how do you make them (not a rhetorical question please give us your process)

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What some fantastic buildings, thank you!

Honestly, I just plan a build and just make it within a day or two tbh. Like, it’s all about your mental image for me because I’m a visual person.

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no like what do you do first do you make meshes set up an atmosphere make a framwork etc.

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I’ll be honest these builds were free-styled I kind of just did it off the top of my head LOL. Probably the reason why im giving them out. Honestly, how I did it was essentially look at reference build, then convert the unions into mesh then create high-efficient meshpart system.


Holy moly, these builds look too good to be free. Thank you for these. :+1: :clap:


I’ll definitely use these to improve my building techniques and quality of my games! Thank you so much!

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