Free Datastore Editor plugin! [21K installs] [OPEN-SOURCE]

@Xsticcy it seems there is something wrong with your DataStore Editor plugin.

In my code I have a datastore named: “someData”
the line:

local DS = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local someData = DS:GetDataStore("someData")

Also I have the right key too: “-cash”
line of code:

data = someData:GetAsync(player.UserId.."-cash")

Now I use the plugin and change the value to 9:

When I run the game:

It is still 5. NOTE: It’s 5 because that’s the original data. And I wanted it to be 9. I don’t know what I am doing wrong here.


This is because you are editing the key “-cash”, instead you should be editing “7258317040-cash” as the key is your UserId and then the “-cash”


Thanks to @Xsticcy for this DataStore editor plugin! It’s legit and free too. Again, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I worked really hard on it and I’m happy to see you guys love it! Again, thank you guys! ^^


Very cool plugin! Nice work! My only concern is this:

Now I know, light theme is a sin to have on, but for accessibility sake, you may want to have the option for both. Not all people can use dark theme due to their eyesight which you may want to consider.


Could you maybe add a light theme? Sometimes when I look at something dark for too long, then my eyes start to hurt. That is why I use light theme.


Okay, I see you guys want a light theme too. I will try to implement that too! Thanks for the feedback!


Okay, I added light theme to the plugin.
You can switch between themes with the following button in the bottom right corner of the gui:

Report any problems please!


Why :frowning: good anyways lol thanks

Don’t worry, the default is still the dark theme. And it saves the theme of the plugin per game.

hm ur plugin isnt working at all?

Ur plugin doesn’t work and throws out this error:


kinda wish i had the past version before the light theme, that seems to be breaking it.

what ive never seen that lol thats so weird

Strange. I will try to fix it.


You can actually make it so that it switches the theme depending if the user is on light theme or dark theme in studio:

Because of what I said here:

And what @WooleyWool also asked for.

It is just an eye condition some people like me have, that’s all lol.


I know that feature of studio. But I didn’t want to implement it.
By the way the bug is fixed! I didn’t published the right version LOL.


thanks :smiley:
its better not having to deal with data stores… also it would’ve fixed the problem in that plugin lol

you didnt update it lol its still the old version…

Plus, please don’t share any part of the source code of the plugin here.
If you find any bugs in the CODE please send it to me in private message!
I know, anybody can view the source code, but I don’t like to see it here.

I published it. Maybe it takes some time to update!


Updates for plugins tend to take up around 30 minutes.

Oh, thanks, it just showed up.

Hm oof. It’s still broken. Except with way more errors now…

Now it suddenly started working again, so nvm.