Free model placing

Hi , I only experienced this once but others experienced it some more , I make the model ( In this case it was an award ) and when I publish to roblox and make it a free model I got a warning saying the moderator could not read the text , However it was easy enough to read it but by the way the model was placed it was challenging to read the text.

Is there any possible way to change the way how the model gets placed when it is published?

Thank you

You can always use the camera in workspace, copy it and move it into the model, rename it to ThumbnailCamera, and update the model.
The way you want.


Yeah, that works if text is only visible on one face of the model, I suppose. The real solution would be to give moderators a 3D model rendering tool like the one we have for our characters to allow for closer inspection.


True, and that would also help users inspect models, that is given a thumbnail “to far” away from the model.


I don’t publish models to the site because it’s not as streamlined to me, but what I’d suggest is a script that enables the decal or the GUI when the game is running, but when it’s paused, which in this case, being published, you just uncheck the Enabled box.

Kinda like this basic code (I forgot how to format it on this forum, oops):
script.Parent.SurfaceGui.TextLabel.Enabled = true

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