Hey, I have been doing music for 3 years but I didn’t record anything so I don’t have a portfolio. There is something wrong with the devforum’s collab system so DM me on discord Logimite#1015. I am only going to make 10 free songs before being paid so claim your slot now for free song. I use Logic Pro X, a professional DAW. If you want to thank me when I am done buy this 5 robux shirt: Paint Splatter Acid Green Roblox Shirt - Roblox. Thank you

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I claim my slot, I guess? :dizzy:

well i send you a friend request so i can claim my post
my dis username/id conkerlikeN64#2138

Are you able to rather just create sound effects?
I’ll pay a good price if you do it as expected of the outcome.

hey i sent ur a request my cord is Flamezy#0402

Unless you were one of the people who contacted me on discord it is closed.