FreeCamera for taking in game recordings/screenshots


I think you should swap Q/E, usually E is used to go up.


Protip: Use a gamepad instead of the keyboard! It gives you finer control over speed.

Yeah, I made this for the egg hunt’s trailer originally.


Not sure how I feel about the key bind choice lol.
I think it would make more sense to be bound to F8 since that key isn’t being used for anything AFAIK.


Can you add some easing to it so things look more cinematic and less jittery?


This would be an issue for games like my Piano Conservatory, heck there’s a ton of other virtual piano games out there as well where this would be a problem. The piano uses a qwerty format so that the full keyboard is used for each piano key, shifts are the sharps on the keyboard. Doing just shift+p would break the camera while playing Virtual Piano. ctrl+shift+p would be a better option.

Here is the game if you need to see how the keyboard works yourself.


This is pretty neat! Definitely going to play around with it


Have you tested it in-game yet? It’s quite cinematic. Here’s some test footage:


Yeah, I think I actually might have accidentally swapped these when adding the alternative key bindings. I remember at one point that it was consistent with studio, but it is now reversed.


I know it’s “cinematic”, but an option to toggle off the black bars would we really nice, infact more than nice, I sorely need it.


The black bars probably seemed a great idea on paper but are extremely unpractical as it makes it impossible to shoot 1080p footage without using a higher resolution monitor.

Also; these notifications aren’t hidden when in FreeCamera mode:

Otherwise this is very, very cool!
It would be awesome to have keys binded to camera speed too!


Awesome idea!!

It would be even cooler if we could have a ‘whitelist’ option for this feature, much like a whitelist when trying to access a game.

If a developer could put down a list of IDs or usernames of people that are given that ability it would be great, because as of right now the only way it works is if the people are given edit access in a group game


I agree! I’d love to do some radical recording but a lot of devs wouldn’t feel comfortable with giving me and others full permission to the place just for that feature.


@Younite @maplestick

I also agree :slight_smile: I just made a model that has white-list support. You can send this to a developer; all they have to do is insert it into ServerScriptService/workspace, add your name to the list and you will have access to this feature :smile:

Enjoy! :smiley:


I literally thought of this and five minutes later you present this beauty. You are a hero.


I’m glad you like it :smile:

If you head into the main local script and arrive at line 55, you can actually remove the black bars too ;D


55: local LETTERBOX = true
55: local LETTERBOX = false



You are amazing


I’ll add a keybinding to toggle the black bars. Not sure if there is anything easy I could do about the friend join notifications, but you can use Ctrl + Shift + G to hide all core gui while using this.


Why do we even have black bars? This is a tool for developers on the backend, like the microprofiler or developer console – it doesn’t need to be cinematic (not that the black bars even add to that).


Just some thoughts…

The choice of P as a hotkey was arbitrary (I never expected that this would be added to the client, so usability wasn’t a big concern). I like F8.

As far as easing, it uses a damped spring. The spring coefficients are editable in the corescript. @ScriptOn is probably right; it could be loosened a bit.

I think the letterbox should be removed; that was just me having fun (again, didn’t expect this to get pushed to production).


Can we (the devs with serverside console access) do this whenever we want, or only when freecam is already enabled? I see plenty of roblox livestreams about contests in dodgeball, phantom forces, … Being able to hide CoreGui but still be able to have a (minimalistic) UI (scoreboard etc) would be nice.