Fremont High School is looking for a campus developer!

About Us

Hello there! I am dansaddict current owner of ‘Fremont High School’. Fremont high school is an online virtual school that runs everyday from Monday - Friday from 4:30 PM EST - 5:47 PM ET. Here at Fremont our goal is to ensure all of students are prepared for the real world. Fremont High School strives to ensure that we can be realistic as possible. Fremont is looking for a developer who can build us a brand new campus within the upcoming weeks!

The group you would be working with:!/about

What Fremont High School is looking for

Fremont is looking for an experienced builder who is able to build us a low poly campus. We are most interested in a low poly developer but we are opened in different designs. You must provide a date of completion and as well as outstanding communication.

How Fremont High School wants it built

As stated above, Fremont High School prefers having a low poly campus but other designs are possible. Fremont High School would like the campus to contain 9 classrooms, 13 offices, gymnasium, auditorium, library, and a lunchroom. I am expected an non-rushed campus. I would like both the exterior and the interior to be detailed and not rushed. If you’re skeptical on what I’m looking for I will provide screenshots of what I’m asking for on my discord.


Prices will be discussed on discord and will be based off your work.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact me below or find me via my discord server!


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I added you on discord: RealyConfus1on, we might be able to work something out

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