French war monument price feedback

Heyo. Just built a monument. It’s hard to sell them so simply, what is this monument wourth?
What would you have paid for it?

(Monument coming for sale.)

The monument is a copy of the French War monument in Pondicherry.
Have a nice day further on.

The building is incomplete. I would suggest completing the build before people suggest you a price.

It is definitely nothing special, and as H00DENI said, you might want to finish your build before asking for a fixed price.

I don’t like this. The build is finished. Lol thanks anyway. Anyone actually searched for the irl monument?



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For sure I can make the item in the middle.

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Like stated earlier, you should wait until it is completed. At the moment, I honestly don’t think anyone would buy it as firstly it is simply not finished and to me it looks nothing like a war monument yet.

I do agree with the two above. If you’re new to building, welcome, but there is a lot more that should be included. From what I found via Google, the monument actually has a lot more to it than what’s included, it definitely is incomplete.

Actual Monument

Adding more to create a small “map” of it would make it a more “sell-able” piece, right now this is very basic. I definitely encourage you to work on it some more, would like to see what you can come up with.

Not much detail to it right now, could probably easily be replicated in its current standing.

Hey, thanks for some tips that I can actually follow. For sure I did think of it and it might be a good idea to try map the close range map. Thank you.

For sure I am not new to build. I have built “Column Of Phocas”, Marble Arch and some other random roman building.

Ok, so. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Just a little overview as I don’t really get much out of the most here.

If I was to add the item in the middle, would that be better? Maybe even with the text on?

Adding the small map around would make it better maybe?

Thanks for answers that actually help me. I want do develop as a builder and the best way to do it is to build something, get feedback and try again.
The reason I asked for feedback is because this is a really simple build without much detail. It’s just clean and yeah… just simple. So it’s easy to miss out on the small details.

Have a nice day further on! C: