Fresco Pizzeria - Community Guidelines

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This document underlines all of the community rules for Fresco Pizzeria, and the applicable consequences that may follow if they are not abided by.

In addition to this, Fresco complies with the Roblox Community Rules.


  • Exploiting, Spamming and Trolling are not allowed whatsoever and will be dealt with harshly. You can expect to be permanently banned for exploiting, but spamming and trolling carry an offense that is dependent on the severity of the incident.

  • Online Dating is prohibited but roleplaying within our game is allowed, as long as it is friendly and mutual between all of the players involved.

  • Foul language and any form of discrimination, racism or homophobia is prohibited and you will be given a server ban or permanent ban without any appeal.

  • We are not able to offer any refunds for gamepasses or developer products. Please purchase them at your own cost.


  • Rank hinting is not allowed, and you may be demoted should you persist. The more you decide to hint about a promotion, the less likely you are to get it.

  • Please remain respectful to all members that you may encounter, and especially customers. Take their feelings to heart and make sure to act professionally.

  • You should use grammar within our group games, as it gives a good persona and impression on players. You should also act maturely as being a staff member is a privilege that shouldn’t be abused.

  • Before using any admin commands, should you be given them, make sure you condone their use with a higher ranked staff member.

  • Going AFK in order to farm worker points is prohibited, and you can face either a demotion and/or points deduction.

  • Spamming users with the handto command is prohibited, and you will face a demotion if you are found guilty of doing so. You should only use it when serving customers you are taking care of there and then.

Finally, we ask that you use rational thinking and common sense whilst in our group games to void yourself of trouble. We want to create a positive gameplay experience, and ask all of our players to help us with this goal.