Freshé Alliance Application

Welcome to Freshé!

It’s Fresher than Fresh.

Freshé is a growing ROBLOX Roleplay Community group. Offering a diverse amount of foods, drinks and other tasty snacks.

Freshé - Alliance Application

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All of these requirements MUST be met to send us an application, we do not allow exceptions.

  • Group must have at least 50 members.
  • Group must have active members.
  • Group must be professional and well-rounded.
  • Group must be willing to shout and attend Freshé events.
  • Group must have active communication with our executives.
  • Group must have an active and professional communications server.
  • Group must not be selling any MR+ ranks that offer administration abilities.

The best way to answer these questions is to use copy and paste them onto a Google Document and write the answer below.

[1] What is the name of the group you are requesting an alliance for?

[2] What would you provide for Freshé through this alliance?

[3] What are you looking to gain through being in an alliance with Freshé?

[4] How many members are currently in your group?

[5] Who are some of your group’s representatives that we could speak with?

[6] Does your group have developers with skills pertaining to graphics, building, scripting, etc.? If so, please provide the names of those developers and examples of their works that we could view.

[7] Please link your Roblox group and your communications server below.