Fresh new menu ui for the day

so flashlight studio just updated the menu ui and i really like my work on it

feel free to share feedback with me

we also pushed the game free for one week

game link

there is many bugs in the game rn.

if you don’t know what THE DAY is then here is some info about it

Sweden - Racksund the year is 1959 and your name is Erik Løvgren and you are here to document the story about the murderer Dawin.
explore a world of mystery storys, notes, quests, a wonderful player experience that found place in the Swedish mountain forests. form 1899 to 1959

our aim is to create the The next generation of horror games on roblox platform


That is pretty amazing, the image on the right is a fantastic addition that added much professionalism to it.

Here are my suggestions:

The top bar is kind of ruining it, try making it invisible using PlayerGui:SetTopbarTransparency().

This image on the side is a good addition, but the text on it is scaled horribly, try putting another image instead, or maybe remove the text from the original image, what will this button do anyways? I’d like to know


good idea with the top bar i will remove it. also about the little icons i will add all of flashlight studios games there and then you can click on them and it will check if you have access to them


but this my first time doing ui so im not the best at it sorry for that

Hi I tried playing the game and I am not able to move around

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i know about that bug but we need a scripter so we can continue with the game so

all in the game is made by me the project is 2 years old but i have not been able to find a scripter

Love the atmosphere, love the building… But i have some suggestions

For me at least, the camera is very choppy, and looking from side to side feels like its causing frame drops. It seems that although the environment looks insanely amazing, i can’t get above 33 FPS on average. Even when FPS was reasonably good, the camera still felt clunky, and the blur when moving the camera too fast seemed delayed…

I also can’t move. I entered after the cutscene and boom! my character was stuck in place.

Apart from that. the environment and scripting is absolutely insane! I love that you guys are attempting to do such a cool project inside of Roblox!

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here is the old the day you can move in this one

I tried to join the discord, but it seems invalid.

[Through the group page]

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PlayerGui:SetTopbarTransparency() is gonna be deprecated in the near future. I suggest him not using it and he should be considering making his own with IgnoreGuiOffset.


here is a working discord link to the flashlight studio server