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What is Freshco?

In Freshco, players can be either a customer or employee, helping others and doing tasks around the store in the metaverse! With our dedicated employees, we give you the best shopping experience possible. Become a member of our staff by joining us today!

At Freshco, we regularly use different types of information. The purpose of this handbook is to elaborate on that information. Providing this information will aid in the comprehension of the store’s function by our lower-ranking associates and visitors.

Affiliate Guide


For you to become a Freshco affiliate, you must meet the following guidelines/expectations. Your application will be automatically declined if you do not meet any of the expectations listed. Whenever possible, Freshco forms alliances with groups that exemplify activity, professionalism, organization, and communication. To do so, requirements are set for groups to meet.

  • Group must have an active Discord server.
  • We accept a well-organized, corporate group since Freshco is a new organization. Members vary!
  • Group must be active, and consistently gaining new members.
  • Group MUST have a representative to join our group and Discord server!
  • It is imperative that the group maintains professionalism at all times.
  • Group must be able to announce key events and applications at Freshco when asked.


Those who meet our requirements are asked to answer the following questions as best they can. In your application, we recommend creating a Google Document and including impeccable detail. If you would like to submit a completed application to relations, please do so. Your application and group will be reviewed within 72 hours, and you will be notified of the outcome within 72 hours. Any individual in relations can answer your questions, comments, or concerns regarding alliances. Best wishes!

  • What is your group name? Please describe the group and provide group links.
  • Why do you want to be allied with Freshco?
  • What are you benefitting when trying to affiliate with us?
  • What makes your group different from other groups in your industry?
  • How active is your group for a scale 1 - 10?
  • Please provide us with 2-3 representatives that we may contact.
  • In the event that any occurrence threatens the relationship between Freshco and your group, may we terminate/blacklist this alliance?
Operational Information

Managment Team:

Team Lead/Floor Supervisor: There are many things that go into being a team leader and a floor supervisor. They’re responsible for a certain section of the stores department. It is your responsibility to supervise and work with the associates in your department throughout the store!

Store Supervisor/Manager: Safety is of the utmost importance to us! In case it is necessary, you will supervise each department. In terms of department, these departments possess maintenance, front end, and stocking! Maintaining a disruption-free environment throughout Freshco. Main objective of this rank is to focus on associate progression throughout training and in-game!

Store Coach: It is important for Freshco to have a Store Coach. The role of a store coach includes many responsibilities, such as managing the store! In particular, this rank is responsible for making sure our team leads are doing their jobs. The store coach is a back-up rank for restoring the department and monitoring the four ranks below it. There will be each coach for each store department!

Store Lead: Recruiting associates for Frescho’s executive team is the responsibility of a store lead! This rank could not succeed without the coaching and supervision of the store supervisor and coach. As a member of the Human Resources majority, this rank is below the Board of Directors! Upon request, our relations team moves quickly to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors: Our Board of Directors can be part of the Store Human Resources Team or the Store Relations Team! Staff are their responsibilities of Store Human Resource, and if you are in relations, they are responsible for affiliates, events, anything related to relations!

Executive Director: Executive Directors are in-charge of each department of Freshco! They oversee the appointed department they wish to lead.

Freshco Departments

Store Relations Team:

The Store Human Resource Team manages staff punishments such as warnings, suspensions, demotions, and even terminations. They also get to be incorporated in promoting staff who are eligible for that promotion.

Store Human Resource Team:

The Store Relations Team handles and manages the affiliations of Freshco as well as the events and communication-related tasks of the group. The Store Relations Team works with affiliates to create a strong, inter-community bond by hosting and participating in events, establishing new alliances, and polishing the reputation of the community!

Training Sessions

Training sessions are held by any individuals ranked Store Supervisor+ for those ranked Associate in Training, Junior Associate, Senior Associate, to be able to learn more information regarding staff conduct, practices and systems of the store as well as examine their knowledge. Training sessions are normally hosted to examine if a Low Rank in question is prepared for the succeeding rank.

Training Schedule (Monday - Sunday)

12:00PM EST
2:00PM EST
4:00PM EST
8:00PM EST
10:00PM EST
12:00AM EST


Thank you for taking the time to review Freshco’s handbook. If you have any further questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact a member of the Corporate Board.

Important Links:

Group Link: Freshco - Roblox
Application Center: Application Center - Roblox
Training Center: [IN PROGRESS]
Discord Server: [IN PROGRESS]

Freshco’s Corporate Board

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