FreshFlip Cafe: Ownership Team Handbook

Rules for FreshFlip Cafe Ownership Team.
(freezing was here)

#1: You are to NEVER abuse your power.

#2: The HR’s will be put in a vote depending on their activity from shifts and trainings.

#3: MR’s & LR’s will be promoted by activity and shifts.

#4: The Ownership Team will mostly be watching over shifts and trainings.

#5: If you are caught free ranking you will be immediately demoted.

#6: If you see an SHR or lower abusing, you are to warn them to stop. If they do not stop, you are to demote them.

#7: You are to ONLY rank someone if they attended a shift, training, interview or were told to.

#8: If you see another OST member abusing, you are to let the holder know.

#9: You are to report any situations to higher ups. Failure to do so will lead to a suspension.

#10: Any exploiting situation is to be handled at the moment it happens.

#11: You have to be in game for ATLEAST 30 minutes.

#12: Developers can ONLY be hired by Founder+.

Written By:
[DM] Director of Moderation,
[SHQ] Security Headquarters
[PRM] Public Relations Member