Friend Request Limit + Addressing Bots (To a Extent)

So someone brought this to my attention and urged me to say something about it in-which I thought it was a pretty nice way of stopping this sort of problem. This is what MrZelo messaged me about.

One of the current issues that faces ROBLOX right now is bots, right? We see them everywhere, even our friends list! And I’ve seen this quite often show up in my friends list where there has been a lot of accounts that are created and their usernames are titled “ClickMe” or “ReadMyBio” followed by a bunch of numbers and letters. There they have a link posted in their description that will trick young users into clicking it thinking it will give them some sort of monetary gain on the platform. These bots go rampant and friend request hundreds of people within minutes and do it in large numbers as well. I am sure a lot of you have seen them come and go for quite some time.

What MrZelo suggested to combat these bots is a friendship request limit where they can send out a limited amount of friend requests when their account is first created (or just in-general).

Personally I think it’s a step towards addressing the problem on the surface but not what’s underneath. However, what can be done towards this issue is better than nothing. Some sort of friendship request limit on new accounts could work (or in-general for all accounts) per day. Or you could make it so new accounts can’t send friend requests on the first day that they join but can accept them. A lot of band-aids can be placed on this problem, however, for it to heal we’ll have to start getting more aggressive with the overflow of bots joining ROBLOX.

Possibly preventing players from using “ClickMe” or “ReadMyBio” in their usernames is also a step.

Also with the creation of bots I think what could help is limiting the amount of accounts that can be signed up for with the player’s IP per day. It’s an idea that just came across my mind.

Another issue I saw was the rampant spamming of offsite links on literally everything such as group wall posts (if the group is open to the public and the first rank can post on the wall) and the comments for all kinds of items that are both on and off sale. And I’m not sure if this is currently being addressed right now, however, I do have some solutions for this in mind as well.

Thoughts on any of this? I apologize for any grammatical mistakes I rushed this.

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Do not create posts on behalf of others. I am locking the thread.

Some general things to be aware of WRT your feature subject:

  • Roblox bots already pass IP floodchecks
  • Blacklists don’t work because then they’ll just change their name, and have done so for similar blacklists in the past (e.g. comments)
  • Limiting the number of friend requests an account can send when the first sign up doesn’t help because the accounts are created a few months in advance before they are used to bypass similar restrictions on other features

If this was an easy problem to solve, it would already be solved by now. Please review existing botting threads before making future suggestions.