From Terrain to parts

Hello guys, I’m trying to create a minimap (I dont need the widgeon minimap thing) that includes terrain. I wanted to read terrain voxels and then recreate them.
I cant really do it, I’ve never worked with terrain before, if you can help thank you a lot

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So, you want to create terrain and then make it parts?

I already have the terrain, I have to convert it into parts

I don’t know a specific way to do this, but here’s what I would do in this situation. I would create a part and place it somewhere where it fits with the terrain. For example, if I had a hill, I would take a sphere part and edit it so it fits the hill. I know that this method might be time-consuming, but it’s the only one I know about.
I hope that helped,

That’s scripting support, not building support, so I am supposed to do this in a script lol

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Not really sure how you want to approach this problem. You could make a grid and cast rays down to the terrain to get positional nodes. Take those node positions and you could transform the terrain into triangle terrain or you could size a part to cover the area of four points and have the Y axis up to the highest point or take the average height of each point. Two options to go with and hopefully a solution for you in there somewhere.

I like this idea, but wont it be too laggy?

Depends on your map size, but it would be very easy to add in a variable to change the resolution of your grid magnitude between nodes. If you have a resolution of like .1 studs and a terrain map size of 6000x6000(3.6 billion nodes) itd be laggy. Optimize the load process of the part creation and raycasting based on the comparison of resolution to map size.