Front's Scripting/UI Portfolio

About Me

Hello, I am FrontLinemist57, I have been scripting in the language Lua for upwards of four years now. In my spare time I enjoy making small games with my friend and business partner, M4esherman. I also manage to find time to host servers for games such as Rust or Minecraft, just to name a few.
Anyway, I’m sure that you’re not here to know what I do in my actual life, so here are some of my favorite works of Mine.

My Skills

  • :newspaper: Scripting
  • :tv: UI Design/UI Animation
  • :flashlight: Lighting/Particles


Note: Any building/meshing is done by M4esherman.
More items will be added as time goes on.

UI Design / UI Animation

Main Menu:

Info TV:
Radio + Communications Channel:
Small TV + Info Panel:
Settings Menu: demosettings

Lighting / Particles

Gears + Glow:

Sun Rays:

Scripting + Etc.

Story Character Talking:

Keycard Doors:
Working Cola Bottle:


If you plan to contact me, these are the best times to do so:

  • Saturday: 10AM - 10PM EST
  • Monday: 4PM - 9PM EST
  • Tuesday: 4PM - 9PM EST
  • Wednesday: 4PM - 9PM EST
  • Thursday: 4PM - 9PM EST
  • Friday: 4PM - 10PM EST
  • Sunday: 10AM - 9PM EST



  • I accept Robux as a 1 time payment
  • I accept PayPal as a 1 time payment


If you’re also looking for a builder, my partner M4esherman may be a good choice.
Here is his portfolio: