Fruit Juice Tycoon


Hello everyone!

I have been working on my first ever tycoon. I have been monitoring how it has been doing for the past week, and it has been doing relatively well. However, as I am very new to this genre of games, I want to gather your feedback on my game.

I do appreciate any feedback, however, I have a couple of guiding points to consider while playing the game.

  • Are the prices fairly priced? Does the tycoon go too slow or too fast?
  • Are the features of the game self-explanatory and understandable to an average player? (There is an ability to change what fruit each NPC produces)
  • Would the game provide enough content to keep the player engaged for the entirety of completing the tycoon?

Feel free to leave additional comments, criticism, suggestions, etc below!

I accept any feedback, good or bad. Please leave anything and everything that you think would help me improve, as it certainly will be appreciated. Thanks!

GAME LINK: [NEW!] Fruit Juice Tycoon 🧃 - Roblox


First look at the game and everything seems good so far. The only things you should change are, the GUIs, the roads (I believe they are free models), the purchase mines on the ground (they are floating), I suggest you don’t use terrain and instead use low poly terrain. The music is very loud and there should be a turn on/off button for the music. Sound effects will be nice for things such as purchases and cash droppings. Try looking at tutorials, if this is your first time then you have potential, just work harder. Nonetheless, it’s a decent game. 6.5/10 rating. I don’t recommend this, but look at tycoon kits and look through the scripts and learn from it. Building takes time, so don’t rush your builds. Don’t use free models for a final game, use free models as concepts, then make your OWN models for the final game or it won’t come out as well.

Great build, but just take my feedback into mind because this will benefit and change your builds insanely. Again, good work!



Didn’t see this part, I am very impressed considering it is your first ever Tycoon. My first Tycoon ended up as a flop, you have potential, don’t give up now! Amazing work!


Thank you for your feedback! I have a couple of questions/comments to note.

Could you specify what exactly in the GUIs you’d like changed? Do you want better icons, accessibility, etc?

This will be fixed in a future update, thanks!

There is an option in the settings for this.

I will implement this in the game soon, thank you!

All assets in the game are mine aside from the GUI icons (found from an external site) and the trees. I do disagree with this, as free models are free for a reason as long as the entire game is not entirely littered with free models.

Thank you for your feedback! I really do appreciate it.


Duuuuude this is so much fun! How did you make the fruit dropper people play that animation while there anchored? And how did you remove the name tag of them?


i like the gui it reminds me of bloxburg

also pls add juiceros thx


first tycoon? this game is actually so cool.
I love the modern gui’s and how clean they are, they were def my favorite!
the only thing that u should change is the free models in the game, although the only ones are the trees and the road’s. u can try looking at vids on youtube on how to make low poly tree’s.

i’d rate it 8.5/10,

good job, u have potential, the game can go viral.
u should advertise it if u actually think it has a chance.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Animations work for anchored NPCs, as far as I am aware. This may be corrected, but you can post a question on the forums if it doesn’t work to see if someone else can better answer your question.

In your NPC model, if you go to the Humanoid there is a property named DisplayDistanceType where you can set the value to None. This will hide their name. You can learn more about this property here: Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation.

Once again, I appreciate it!

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Hey no problem. I suggest adding it so that the tycoon is saved! Or if you don’t know how to script that, (I dont either) You can always save the player’s money on exit


that is called DataStores.
I thought they were added, if not, then u should add some.
theres many tutorials on youtube on how to make them.


Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it!

I mentioned this point earlier as well, all assets are mine (aside from the trees), however, I do not think I should spend extra time on making widely available assets. Regardless, this is simply my opinion and I appreciate your comments nonetheless.

Thank you so much!


Ye I know how to use data stores, just only for leaderstats.

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This was a possibility I was considering, however, the tycoon is extremely short (takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes), however, it will be looked into. I am new to this genre, as mentioned before, so I do not know if this is a suitable time for players to spend in the game. Additionally, I have to ensure that the game can actually be monetized.

You can save up to which point they got the tycoon to, then use DataStores to save that information. Then, the server can load the tycoon up to that specific point when the player joins the game.

Thanks for the suggestion and comments nonetheless.


Looks really good, pretty fun game, and the UI is great! Only problem I have is that there was still money in the money collection thing so I got $6,300 for free. Probably not what you intended…


Haha, that’s certainly a bug! Thank you for pointing it out!

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:


XD That may have been from me because I exited the game with that in the money claim lol.


Exactly, that would be more simple for the Tycoon.

Just found it, thanks for letting me know!

Oh, then my bad. It looked like the road from the Template located in the ROBLOX Studio’s templates called “City”

Good to hear, looking forward to it!

Great game! Can’t wait to see all these changes!


Hello Elite_Creations,

  • Show how to unlock fruit (How many workers you need)
  • Change the Music enable/disable button to a Volume slider from 0-100
  • Make it more interesting (Different types of workers, Such as Diamond worker, Mega worker) - Something along those lines
  • Two times worker speed game pass
  • Add an awesome game intro

Best of Luck,


I like it how it looks very family friendly as then parents would recomend it


Thank you for your feedback! I will take these points into account for the next update!