Fruit Juice Tycoon

I feel like some people are gonna get mad at me for “ruining it for them” but since I already finished the tycoon once I don’t really care lol

The amount of money you earn is heavily disproportionate to the amount the upgrades cost, and there’s no secondary penalty for upgrading your fruit. After I had unlocked all the fruits, I was able to earn $100k in under a minute by setting all the workers to make cherry juice. This allows people to progress through the game incredibly quickly, by the time I got to blueberries I was able to blaze through the rest of the tycoon with no issues at all.

I personally don’t think you should change the amount that each fruit earns, but rather you could set the higher-priced fruits to have a greater cooldown (the workers don’t put them on the conveyor as often), to balance out the amount of money you earn. Alternatively, you can also make the upgrades cost more so they’re harder to unlock. Whatever works best for you, it’s your game.

I sorta wrote this on the fly so I hope it makes sense

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This is a great suggestion, will be looked into. Thank you for your suggestions, it only makes the game better.

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