Fruitio | Public Handbook

Welcome to the Fruitio Handbook! This post is composed of all information regarding our group. Any questions can be directed to a member of our Executive Team through our Communications server or group wall!

We are a new Roblox group striving to become one of the best Juice Bars. At our game, you can be be a customer and immerse yourself in the wonderful experience, or be a juicer and make delicious drinks! Take on the role that suits you best, the decision is yours!

Owned by femboyslaya since 11/7/20
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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is composed of multiple regulations in which we expect all members of our community to abide by. Some of these regulations are strictly directed to LRs+, however, we would still like to address them in our Community Handbook for future staff members to acknowledge.

Code of Conduct
[1] Respect
» You must have a positive influence whilst at Fruitio’s facilities and/or affiliates. We expect you to have a positive presentable face when you show up to Fruitio whether it is at our facilities or general community events! Maintaining a positive front can help you advance within Fruitio, and make you stand out more when it comes to promotional opportunities.

[2] Professionalism
» Professionalism is taken very seriously within Fruitio’s Staff Team. Professionalism is essential in our establishment due to the fact it is the prior reason why or how we are to gain more encounters - this can go for alliance requests, contributors, customers, and more staff. Moreover, you need to have a positive mindset, creativity, and collaborative characteristics.

[3] Performance
» Your performance can range from how you greet individuals, assist them, show positivity, etc. Performance would be one of our top ranging traits we scout for in possible promotions. How you perform your duties at Fruitio is definitely up to you as we want you to show creativity and wholesome actions, however, we do want you to do it in a professional and respectful manner. Though, it is highly requested that you do not use words that are not commonly used or difficult to understand.

[4] Expectations
» There are multiple expectations we expect everyone to abide by. These expectations include using grammar, wearing an appropriate attire, and being supportive of everyone’s personal opinions. Utilizing correct grammar and punctuation is strictly directed towards our Staff Team, however, we would still like to make it abundantly clear to our entire community of this regulation. Wearing an appropriate attire is crucial to all community members. You must wear a visible shirt and pants on your avatar to avoid receiving consequences from our Management Team members. Lastly, accepting and being supportive of everyone’s different beliefs is utterly important for everyone to abide by. You should not state anything negative or any disapproval commenting about people’s own beliefs.

Rank Description

Management Team
The Management Team is composed of hard-working individuals who are crucial to ensuring all daily operations are run smoothly. Some of the operations that the Management Team assists with are shifts, training sessions, and being a representative in which any community member can go to regarding any questions about Fruitio.

Staff Assistant

» As a Staff Assistant, you must be active to excel with your new responsibilities and to replicate the duties of a Management Team member accordingly. Our Staff Assistant are tasked to assist with trainings at scheduled sessions, supervising the juice bar, and ensuring that all operations are running smoothly.
» Rank Limit: 40


» As a Supervisor, you are slowly getting more fond of the way our operations are run on a daily basis. Therefore, by obtaining this role, you are given more difficult expectations in which we believe you are prepared to take on. Some of these expectations are to host training sessions, train at training sessions, and to continue to supervise the juice bar consistently.
» Rank Limit: 30

Assistant Manager

» As a Assistant Manager, you are getting mildly experienced with the way we do things at Fruitio. When you receive Assistant Manager, you have duties similar to Supervisor. These duties include hosting trainings, train at sessions, and continue to supervise the juice bar consistently. However, the only thing new to your duties is that you now have the ability to be the Session Promoter at sessions.
» Rank Limit: 20

General Manager

» As a General Manager member, your daily expectations are exactly like a Assistant Manager. These expectations are to host sessions, attend sessions as a trainer, and to continue to supervise the juice bar consistently. However, General Manager members are now able to promote individuals to Senior Juicer within the juice bar. It is a completely classified administrative topic we cannot go into details about.
» Rank Limit: 10

Executive Team
Our Executive Team is filled with Executive ranking individuals who are crucial to the succession of Fruitio. These groups of individuals are assigned a department, whether that’s Administration or Communications. Despite the department, each individual is assigned, both departments are putting in an abundant amount of work daily to ensure that the overall group of Fruitio is running well.

Leadership Team
The Leadership Team is composed of the main leaders of Fruitio, whether it’s overseeing a department or overseeing all operations conjointly. Without Leadership Team members, we cannot exemplify leadership traits for Executive members to follow our example.

Ban Appeal

The Ban Appeal will give us an insight into how you will progress as a community member again. However, we can not guarantee that you will be unbanned as we hold standards to the effort you put into an appeal. Once completed, you may make a ticket in our communication server and send it to a member of the Support Team and results will be sent to you within 24-72 hours.

[1] What is your Discord tag and Roblox username?
[2] Were you banned from our juice bar game on Roblox and/or our communications server?
[3] When were you banned and why were you banned?
[4] Why should we unban you?
[5] Do you have any additional inquiries for us?

Alliance Information

Welcome to the Affiliate Information section! In this section, you will find information regarding forming an affiliation with Fruitio. This section will contain the requirements, application, and frequently asked questions we receive about our new affiliation process. If you end up needing assistance finding the section you want to be directed to, don’t hesitate to DM anyone on the Relation Team. If you are still gathering questions about this section, you may DM anyone apart of the Relation Team to receive an answer to your inquiry.

Requirements & Regulations
[1] Your group must have a bare minimum of 100 non-botted members in your group. If your group does not meet our requirements, we have the right to decline your application. We do allow exceptions on rare occasions, as long as your group shows organization and consistent activity.
[2] A good reputation overall within the Roblox Community and Discord platform. If there is any bad history within your establishment, it will result in a failure of your application.
[3] A stable operational group. If the group is inactive or does not grow within the formation of the affiliation, it will result in a possible termination.
[4] 2 representatives must be present in our Communications Server. If one of your representatives leave, it is your responsibility to assign another one to our group.
[5] Your group must comply with Roblox’s TOS and Discord’s TOS. If your group was locked or your Communications Server was deleted due to not complying with the platform’s TOS, it will result in termination.
[6] Both groups must be committed to the affiliation. If there is no commitment between both groups, it will result in termination.

Application Questions
[1] What is your ROBLOX group name? Please also provide any social links related to your group.
[2] How many members does your group currently have?
[3] Why have you chosen to ally with our group? What do you enjoy within Fruitio?
[4] How will both of our groups benefit from this affiliation?
[5] What makes your group unique? How do those characteristics help you succeed?
[6] Have you read all of our affiliate regulations and does your group meet our requirements?
[7] Do you agree to comply with all regulations and rules set in place within all facilities and platforms related to Fruitio?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Leadership Team has acknowledged that there will always be some rising inquiries coming from members of our community. Therefore, we have composed a list of frequently asked questions we receive. Before you proceed to ask a Leadership Team member about a question, make sure to thoroughly review this list and to ensure that your question isn’t already answered.

Frequently Asked Questions
[1] How do I get a job here?
» To get a job here at Fruitio, you will need to take the quiz located at the Job Center. Once you successfully pass your quiz for Apprentice, attend a scheduled training session to receive further promotions.

[2] Where do I find the Training Session Schedule?
» All of the training session times are located within the description of the Training Center itself. If you aren’t familiar with the timezone provided, feel free to use a timezone converter.

[3] There is an individual violating our rules, what should I do?
» Firstly, you should notify the individual violating rules that they should stop continuing their prohibited actions. If they continue after your verbal warning, then issue an official warning. If they still proceed to act unjustly, then contact a Staff Assistant+ to remove them from the server.

[4] An individual who has been removed from the server has returned and is violating rules again, what should I do?
» In this situation, if they immediately continue trolling, you are to issue a verbal warning. If they resist your verbal warning, then contact a Assistant Manager+ to ban them from the server.

[6] There is an individual glitching/exploiting, what should I do?
» You are to immediately contact a Assistant Manager+ to pban them from the server. Even if the individual is simply glitching, it still isn’t allowed within our premises.

[7] I have a recommendation towards development, who should I inform my recommendation to?
» You should definitely inform the Owner, our Head of Development, of your recommendation or any bugs you happen to notice within our facilities.

[9] How do I become an MR?
» Every month on the 1st to the 5th, the Management Applications will be open. In order to apply, you MUST be a Junior Juicer or above.

[10] How many items am I allowed to serve Customers?
» Each customer is allowed to order up to a maximum of 5 items. If they order 5 items, they may not order anything else from you.

Made by the Fruitio Leadership Team