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Hey there, these are the interview questions for Fruit’s interviews.
This Forum is only needed for Medium Ranks+ but is public to everyone!


You will need an introduction at the beginning of interviews so here, this is a template especially for you, you can customise it however you want but use the basic features!

Greetings! Welcome to Fruit’s Interviews, my name is [NAME] and I will be your interviewer for today! Do you have any questions before we enroll? :watermelon:


There’s questions for your interviewee and here they are, please use the emoji’s each picked for the question as we are Fruit’s Juice Bar!

Remember to use them in the correct order too as it wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t.

Question I | Why do you want to become a Fruit’s Staff member? :pineapple:

Question II | Why should we enroll you to the Fruit’s Staff member team not any other applicants? :grapes:

Question III | What makes you the perfect Juicer for our company? :strawberry:

Question IV | Why do you think this Fruit’s company is for you? :kiwi_fruit:

Question V | What past company experiences do you have, on Roblox the platform? :green_apple:

And the final question is, why do you like Juice and what’s your favourite flavour? :cup_with_straw:

That’s all for the questions, after they have answered the final question, please check :chatlogs for their answers and the responses are below.

Passed OR Failed?

Passed: Hey there, I can finally reveal that you have been accepted into our Juicers Team! Congratulations! :tada:

Failed: Hey there, I am really sorry to say you have failed the Juicer Interview session, but that doesn’t mean you can try again next session!* :melon:

If then they passed please rank them to the Trainee rank and if they failed, please say the text below:

:kick [USERNAME] You have sadly failed this session.:kiwi_fruit:

But if they passed and they have been ranked, refresh them and then say this in chat:

:kick [USERNAME] You have passed this session, you have also been ranked! :coconut:

This is the end of this interview guide, have a nice time and remember, if you are interviewing someone for the Fruit’s Staff member team, please use this guide! :cherries:

That’s all for this Informational Forum
For more information, tune in for our Twitter;

Many Cheers
Fruit’s Guideline Administrator

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