FSRP: Hiring a full time scripter (300-500k Robuxs payment for next couple months)

FSRP Job Recruitment; Full Time Scripter/Programmer


Hello there my name is RedBubba. Welcome to my group called FSRP. We are a group that is based off of Florida. We strive to make our work here at FSRP playable, fun, realistic, and entertaining for our players. We are currently have around 33K members when this topic has been posted. We grow around 300-500 members a day in our ROBLOX’s group. During our days at our peak times we can expect 130 members and during our slow times you can expect 30-40 members playing. We are also in the status of Alpha, not even beta or full release!!! We currently only have the teams of State Patrol, Park rangers, 1 Police team and 1 Sheriff team. We soon hope to expand to ems fire and more police and sheriff teams.


We currently have a 10 member team as well with including myself 2 project managers.
Lead Project manager: @RedBubba41477
Secondary Project manager/director: @Josh_Lovelace

If you would like to see our current game you can see it here: Leon County - Roblox
As well with our group: Palm Creations - Roblox


We are looking for a advance scripter that can help us achieve our goals here at FSRP.
(all resources that are needed for the jobs needed to be done will be provided by us)

Example of what we are looking for

Pursuit pit system (go to time 2:40 to see example)
This guy was going 99 MILES PER HOUR and we had to PIT MANEUVER HIS CAR AND TOOK HIM TO *JAIL*! - YouTube

Fire System (go to mark 20:00)
- YouTube

Private server system (full video)
there will be a lot more customization options that we would want to work with as well with all resources (like gui’s or Uis’) will be given to you.
Emergency Response: Liberty County | Create a private server tutorial! - YouTube

this is what a little glimpse into what we would need. More info will be given as to what else would need to be done when agreement of work has been made / final arrangements to agreement.


We will be paying our developers through robux ONLY. For our current V2 update and current V1 revamps you can expect anywhere from 300K-500K robux payment for your total work. You will be payed every 2 weeks from this total. This payment will affect the first couple of months that is deemed necessary to finish V1 of our game and the making of V2. Later update of V2 will be a different payment from the 300-500k total.

Our price can vary if needed but would need to be a reasonable amount.
Reminder that this is payment for about the couple of 2-4 updates if everything goes to plan. Payment will be reduced if late or not up to agreed upon quality.


  • You must be at the age of 15.
    + This also limits yourself to work an a environment of a team, working in VC’s (if called on to), and as well with helping other members on the team to complete the job.

  • Things you will be asked to make in our game
    + Wanted System
    + Private server system (not ROBLOX’s)
    + Working with multiple data stores
    + optimization
    + etc…

  • You must have a very advance knowledge of scripting


You can either contact me here on the dev forum @RedBubba41477 or on discord @Redbubba_Dev#1090. (please make sure that if you message me on discord that you state you are applying for this job as I get a minimum of 50-100 dms a day. Starting the conversation just saying hi and leaving it like that will result in me ignoring you.)

If I do not respond right away please be patient! I might not be available at that given time. When I have found someone suitable for the position, the title will change to closed! Please when this has closed do not dm be about it being open or not.

If you have any other questions about the job that was not already answered on here don’t hesitate to shoot a dm.

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