Full-time Scripter for DC Game

Full-time Scripter Needed
A full-time scripter is needed to assist me in the development of my DC game. The game will be filled with canon characters from the DC universe such as Batman and the Flash.
My server has 700+ members and has been public for 1 month. I have great forms of advertising to ensure that the game has the best possible reach.
I’m looking for someone confident with LUA and has good communication skills to ensure the best possible outcome.
I have a development team full of experienced developers in their sector.

Confident with LUA Scripting.
Experience is not a thing I care about, aslong as you know what you’re doing.
All work must be your own unless I approve.
You will keep me updated with your tasks but will also tell me whenever you want breaks. My top priority is my developer’s comfort.
Show me your portfolio or past work when you first message me.
Willing to put the effort into this game.
Comfortable with scripting power-related abilities.

Pay is negotiable but I would prefer to pay via Robux group funds.
I am willing to give percentages aslong as you are willing to put a reasonable amount of effort into the project.
I can give real money via paypal/cashapp. Real money is no issue and I am willing to give you a large sum alsong as you’ve produced everything I require.
I have over 20k in group funds and over 20k in my personal account. I am able to get more, so Robux is not an issue.

You may contact me at the following:
Discord - Bpaj#2572
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Bp_ajj

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