[FULLY BOOKED] Builder, Uniform Designer, Manager

About Me

Howdy! I’m a builder, uniform designer, and general background handyman with invaluable resources for development teams. I’m a good low poly builder who uses exclusively Roblox Studio and works well with 1970s-1990s American, Japanese, and European aesthetics. I’ve made and wrapped textures for DevGem in their game Midnight Racing: Tokyo, as well as for non-Roblox games studio Excalibur Games on their game, Flashing Lights. I’m also good in the background, balancing economies, managing communities, and keeping things going the way they should be.


Here are my uniform examples


Here are some building examples


Here are some cinematic thumbnails in case you need those

Cinematic Thumbnails:

A description of what I do as a manager

As a manager, I coordinate the efforts of a dev team to make sure that everyone’s not only working, but working as much as is needed for the final product to come out. I can also manage a game’s community with events and ideas, and if your game is still in development, I can also help you hash out stories, characters, and locations.


My schedule changes often, but I work whenever possible. I can be contacted at any time, on Roblox or on Discord (The Annoying Furry DM#4638) and I’m usually available for a response.


All prices are negotiable, I take a flat fee, percentage based, or hourly wage, however, I do require some robux upon completion for percentage based payments. I ALWAYS CHARGE HALF UPFRONT!


I apologize for the inconvenience but I am currently busy, so while I will be accepting Discord friend requests, and I will be available on Discord, but it’ll take a while before I’m able to get started on any new jobs.
You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord:
The Annoying Furry DM#4638

Cheers, and stay classy my friends :tropical_drink:


Wow, amazing work! The city looks amazing!

I assume you’re talking about the bottom picture in the buildings category, that’s not a city it’s just those 4 buildings, I used a skybox in the background to make it look like there was more in the distance and I positioned the camera so you can’t see the baseplate.

It still looks really cool though, I love how it turned out

Yeah it looks awesome, you should think about also doing lighting commissions!

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I never even considered doing lighting commissions, thanks for reminding me that’s a thing I can do, friend! :slight_smile:

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Wow! I can hire you as the builder and/or uniform designer! Lmk if you’re interested.

Absolutely, what would you need me to do, and when do you need me to be done by?

Poor spelling and grammar, empty twitter, and tried to change the terms of the deal before beginning work. :yawning_face:

Twitter’s empty because it was meant for a studio and not for myself, “negotiable” was spelt wrong because English always confuses me, and there was nothing in the post saying that I wouldn’t charge upfront, that’s not changing terms.

I explained all of this to you on Discord but no, you’re salty that I wouldn’t work without half upfront for security and decided to leave a bad review like Karen when her Starbucks order was messed up.

Casual racism is always hilarious isn’t it.

How is Karen racist? Karens can be any race and any nationality, and it’s actually kind of racist that you assumed that all Karens were one particular race

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What’s your source for this definition? While Karens are often white, saying all Karens are white women is not a true statement, considering that you’re a Karen right now

Says the guy that’s leaving negative reviews because your contract got turned down because you didn’t want to play by the contractor’s rules and are too lazy to find someone else.

That’s not a high bar considering you said that you never pay upfront, besides, if I’m that bad you would have just done the job yourself and not tried to make me do it, is moving a map aboveground really that hard? Is your Roblox Studio entirely in Arabic, is that why you needed to ask me?

Get a life, you’d be more productive if you tried to find someone else instead of trashing me, or better yet put down the Doritoes and go outside for once in your miserable pathetic life.

Working with him right now. Great communication skills, has a personality and is very talented. I highly recommend him!

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