Fun captcha lag, malfunctions: Preventing login

This started happening about 15-20 minutes ago, the roblox fun captcha is currently lagging and malfunctioning a ton at the moment, I cannot log into my roblox account or any other accounts. This issue is happening on all browsers on my computer, almost 100% of the time the fun captcha it either malfunctions, says access denied, or it takes forever to load in the animals, causing it to then say “Time run out” after picking the correct animal. It’s quite annoying and I know for a fact this issue is occurring for other players, according to my friends and roblox discord. Here’s a few screenshots and gifs of the issue:

At the end of the gif it shows a loading symbol and that loading symbol stays there until it eventually ends up saying I took to long to solve the fun captcha.

The result after the loading symbol stays in the same position for a long period of time.



Did absolutely nothing, it’s because the fun captcha api roblox uses is currently having issues.

My brother has also reported experiencing broken capchas earlier today. The capcha just… didn’t load. This completely prevented him from making a new account.

This is exactly the same bug, essentially.

This is driving me insane. It’ll get to the point where I can’t log back inside my account if I logged out. The captcha takes too long to load and even if I successfully completed it, it’ll reset and tell me to do it again from the beginning.

Happens to me both on my laptop and my mobile.