Function inside table isnt being stored

i got a settings module script that holds some extra functions binded to events but it doesnt give me the callback function

client code:

for name, list in pairs(additionFunctions.KEYDOWN) do
	local callback, k = list.callback, list.key
	if key == k then

settings module:

additionFunctions = {
	-- client functions
		BKey = {
			callback = function()
			key = Enum.KeyCode.B

this is what it prints

     ["key"] = B
 }  -  Client - Client:185

is the table being passed through a remote event or bindable event, or is it only the module itself?

i just figured it out, im using remotes to require the module so exploiters cant mess with the gun firerate and damage and its removing the function. i got a solution by just separating the two modules into a client one and a server one

key isn’t defined here

i didnt show the entire function, its inside a keydown module i made

You realize you can just supply the same module to both server and client right?
If the client messes with his own module, the server will have its own version