Future Lighting Going Nuts

Why is this bug happening?

robloxapp-20210105-2053538.wmv (7.2 MB)

Future is really not having a good time with this one.

Is it just in studio or when you play test aswell?

both. This bug happens during playtesting and in studio.

Try testing other lightings, if its all the lightings try closing and opening studio

It’s only future that is causing this problem. It also appears on other peoples’ clients.

well closing and reopening studio usally fixes most issues I have, if it keeps up just work with a lighting close to and then switch over and ask a friend to see if its still like that

This happens with other peoples’ clients as well. I was actually notified of this by a friend of mine.

This is a point Light miscalculation bug. Surface Lights and Lighting optimizations fix this error.

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