Future lighting not showing

Hello! so recently my future lighting in Studio has not been showing up whenever I go to Technoligy the only options I see are Voxel, Compatabilaty and ShadowMap. How do I fix this?




You must been using the older version of studio. Try reinstalling studio for the newest version.

I reinstalled it yesterday and it was showing up like a week ago but now it’s gone

Try reporting it to Studio Bugs, I hope it’ll be solved soon.

what computer do you use? I havent had a bug of it dissapearing but i have had issues with it appearing which could have something to do with it.

I’m on a Dell Laptop (ik very professional)

What year was the laptop made? If shadowmap works fine for you then what im thinking isnt the cause.

I don’t think it has to do with the computer because the future lighting was working a week ago but yesterday when I went on studio it wasen’t there

Then it’s not what I was thinking of. No clue what could be causing it. Try to contact support with a bug report if you can’t post in platform feedback

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