Future lightning light is going through opaque walls

I’m trying to make light not go through the walls.

But the blue light is going though 100% opaque glass walls. Even when there is no blue light emitter in the room.

Here are picture of where the blue lights come from.

I have tried to put a wall to cover it, but it is still going though.

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try changing the transparency to .995

have you enabled castshadow??

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Double check if you have enabled cast shadow, if you have and nothing is working, I suggest switching to Shadowmap.

I already have cast shadow on all the parts

If I do that, the entire stage would become useless.

Makes it way worse

How would it make it useless? It’s still practically invisible

I do not want my objects to be transparent.

Ah wait I see, right so the problem here is the walls are too thin.

I believe they need to be atleast 6 studs thick to prevent light leaking

I tried to make the walls very thick. But still its the same thing

Well I have searched many places, watched youtube tutorials, But none helped.
So I decided to just replace the light emitter to somewhere further away from the room.

Now it works