Fyree Studios is looking for devs!

About Us

Hello everyone! We are Fyree Studios, a dev team. We are looking for professional developers that can work full time on our upcoming game, Country Simulator.

About the game

You start off as a president. you can pick several different presidents, each having equal but different stats. You can also pick several different countries that also have equal but different stats. You start off with no money, and only several different items to help you based on what country you picked. The basic jig of the game is that you make money, start war against other players/countries, and make more money. You can gain more economic resources, or items, and you can also gain your population, making you more money. You can progress your states along the way, and then when all of the different players are defeated (when you beat every country), you can progress to level 2 and so on (kind of like a rebirth). Each level gets harder and harder.

The Team

Owner/Game Designer/UI - @FyreeIG

Programmer/Scripter - @Patata12308

Builder (Low-Poly) - @7aisho & @Domderp999

Modeler (Uses Blender) - @lalithadithya6644



We always want our developers to be motivated! We want you to have a fun and withstanding environment. If you feel unmotivated, please tell me!

13 years old or older

This is a very important requirement. Make sure you are 13 years old or older.

On times to meetings, or scheduled working times.

If you miss a meeting, or a scheduled working time 4 or 5 times, I won’t count it for anything, but if you are consistently late then you may get fired. School, or anything else that is important is your only excuse.

Working consistently

Make sure your working. You have to be on working at least 2 days a week. School,
or anything else that is important is your only excuse.


I won’t be on a lot during the week, so I expect you to get all of your work done. Every day or so at about 11:00 AM I will be giving you your work schedule for the day. The work schedule will include what you need to do for the day (Build something, etc). You don’t need to start at 11:00 AM but you do need to get your work done for the day.

Every Friday, I will be looking in studio to check if you did your work.

If I do not contact you at all during the day, then that means it is a free day or a break day.


You will be payed by % of the games profit.

Owner/Game Designer/UI - 10%

Programmer/Scripter - 30%

Builder (Low-Poly) - 30%

Modeler (Uses Blender) - 30%

Contact me

You can contact me on discord at: FyreeRBLX#9266.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day. :grinning:


Hello, I’m interested I send you a discord friend request.

I sent you too, my discord is kien_developer#1946

I’m interested, sent you a request: something#8917

hello i am interested i sent u friend request please accept i am a modeler

Added you on dicord! Josip_V#9247

Im not really sure, As the game could be non succesful or just turn out into an inactive project, so say if the game made only 1000 Robux that would mean the developers would waste there time of hard work. So im not really sure.

Even if these games are simple, they get a lot of playerbase if its really well done or YouTubers start playing them

Just because youtubes can do a gameplay on it dose not always mean it will get huge, Successful games don’t grow on trees

Hi. I sent you a friend request on discord.

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