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Welcome to my portfolio! :grapes:

:wave:t4: Hello! I go as mysticdior, but call me Gab! I am a Graphics and a UI designer here on Roblox! I have been here for over three years, and I started designing half a year ago or more! I am always open for comissions, and here are my prices!

Prices & Payment

500 - Game Icon
750 - Thumbnail
350 - AD
250 - Logo
1000 - Scene Logo
2000 - Scene Thumbnail


I only accept robux.

Free Graphics & Discounts

You can only get a free graphics voucher by:

  • Winning a giveaway
  • Being a Corporate in the graphics server
  • Boosting the server

You can only get a discount if:

  • You have a one-use discount pass
  • VIP pass
  • Full-time discount pass
  • Winning a giveaway
  • Being a designer
My Portfolio

gab's arts

:heartpulse: Thank you for reading my portfolio, if you need my contact info, send a comment here and Iโ€™ll be happy to assist you with all information.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Commissions: Open


You can reply here to access my info, or just simply create your own comment!

  • Kind regards, Gab!

Hey, whatโ€™s your discord tag? I would like to order a few items.

Hey there, thanks for replying!

Contact Info:

You may contact me in discord, which my username and tag is gab#8399! I would reply as soon as possible if you message me!

Do you make the vectors you use yourself?

Hey! I sadly donโ€™t, I use them from! They have a lot of vectors and theyโ€™re free to use! :smiley:

I am making one company and I need someone like you, the company is Drawing style!
Let me know if you would like to join!

Hey! If it is for a graphic commission, feel free to message me on Discord. { gab#8399}, if it is a advertisement to join, please delete your message as I do not accept advertisements.

That looks awesome, keep going the amazing work!

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yay ty uni! itโ€™s outdated tho!! :heart: