Galaxy-Cafe Role/Rank Information

Hello! I am Av3ry/DemonSlayerFan9066

Here’s info on the Ranks:

1| Axolotls = First rank/Customer
2| Trainee Axolotl = Trainee after being promoted (No admin/mod)
3| Barista = After being promoted you get this (You get mod)
4| Corporate Management Axolotl = You take care of the cafe. (I believe superadmin)
5| Developers = You develop the cafe. (Super admin)
6| Executive Director Axolotl = Chairwomens helper (Creator Admin)
7| Executive Chairwomen Axolotl = Me (Creator Admin)

How to get these ranks:
1 Customer
2 Pass training/interview
3 Pass training/interview or Work hard and get promoted
4 Work had and get noticed by Executive+
5 Be hard working with us for 6 months be Known by the owner (not in real life) can develop good has 1+ years of experience.
6 be in GC for 7-8 months and GREAT working (Hard to get)
7 Will never happen unless I don’t want GC anymore.

Thanks for reading! Bye ~Av3ry