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So basically, I’m working on a game right now and it’s going very well but what I’m really trying to get at is that once I’m done developing the game, I’m also a solo developer and fyi, anyway I have about 3K Robux as of now and I’m just looking to save that up until I finish my game and then advertise my game with all those robux, keep in mind that the game will be bug free and gamepasses and all that good stuff, if my game is really good do you think it can become at least a bit popular with the help of the 3K+ Robux?


I think your best option is too ask Y;outubers to review your game on their channels or do more commssions. 3k robux is not gonna cut it. Maybe a couple visits but not enough for the work put into a game.

A couple visits? Are you sure about that?

Well these are my games stats since I made the place

Well 3k would get out to a lot of people but only a certain amount will actually click on the add. I’ll show you stats from the ads I put out for a group.
I know your game may look that way but even with a good ad this is how much it got.

15K clicks isnt that good?
30 chars

15k clicks is for 18000 in ads.

Also Im gonna be sponsoring my game not advertising

Alright then good luck? Don’t know what else I can say gave you everything.

Well, thanks for the feedback and stuff but one thing I have left to say, remember my name :sweat_smile:

Get some promotions. It’s the best way to grow a game.


  • Try to get big developers to review your game, easy to find big developers in this game: Advertising here is also cheap!

  • Get promotions from youtubers. (if possible.)

  • Advertise your game through third-parties, for example. Discord.

  • You can put your game in your developer forum profile like i put mine.

This is all i can do, hope it’s helpful for you! :smile_cat:

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Here is the thing, straight forward 3,000 robux will NOT get you that much player. Here are the reasons:

  • How much will 3k get me then?

If you put all the 3k in the same ad, you have to remember it stays for 24 hrs, you will get about 10-50 players. And running 3,000 in a single ad and getting about 50 players in that 24 can be a good thing, but surely the next day those players will be gone & you might need to restart. This is why saving a big portion of robux/money is good! (I’ve tested this before so I can make a conclusion on this)

  • How much should I put on my ads?

If you want to keep the game active, I advise you to save up your robux to about like 10k or probably 20k, advertise as 1k each 2 days in a week or about 2k each 2 days a week.

(Sometimes it just depends on game too, if it’s that good and catches players attention, it can have its peak! But I really don’t think 3,000 will do much)

Goodluck! :+1:


Your awesome thanks for you detailed and thoughtful reply!

Thank you Avtixe I will keep this in mind for the future! :call_me_hand:

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I spent 1k on an ad for my group, I got 50 members. That’s all I’m saying.

Well, then obviously you didnt put much effort into the ad

50 members was double my group members. For me I say it went well.

Oh well you made it seem like it wasnt many members

Sorry, didn’t mean to.